Colombia Palestina



Full bodied, smooth and delicious.

The town and municipality of Palestina borders Pitalito to the south in the department of Huila.
Palestina is considered the water and forest factory of Huila due to its various rivers forming
through the municipality. These serve other regions in the department as an important source
of water and as tributaries to the Magdalena River; the largest in Colombia.
Condor works with two producer groups in Palestina. Average farm sizes are small and each
producer does their own post-harvest processing; hand-picking, pulping, fermenting, washing
and drying. Coffee is sold as dry parchment. One of the coffee receiving parties was set up in
2016 by a Cup of Excellence winner Alirio Aguilera from the region. Alirio shares his knowledge
and experience with the local producers and is well-respected in the region. The other
receiving partner is Julio Gomez, who purchases coffee on Condor’s behalf from a group of
around 250 producers. Both Alirio and Julio follow quality control protocols ensuring consistent
quality across the board. Coffee is then consolidated by a Condor-rented receiving station in
Palestina and brought down to the main warehouse in Pitalito.
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1500-1900masl
Varietal: Caturra, Castillo

Best suits Espresso, & Stovetop