Costa Rica Volcan Azul – Honey Process


Clean & balanced


Incredible Quality.

Alejo Castro is a fifth generation farmer, CoE award winning producer with over 150 years of coffee producing and exporting experience behind him. His family have been committed to rainforest preservation since the ‘80s and now own 1,500 hectares of land dedicated to protecting the biodiversity. As it is becoming more typical in Costa Rica, the wet and dry mill are both on the fazenda, which allows Alejo to be personally involved at each level of production, from picking, processing, milling and drying. We feel his attention to detail and hard work are borne out in the cup. Having visited Volcan Azul earlier in the year, we can testify that it’s one of the most immaculate micromills we have seen.


  • F.C.J. VOLCAN AZUL: comes from a limited selection of exclusive micro-batches with unique exotic qualities impossible to reproduce. This blend is limited to plantations located higher than 1,500m above sea level, belongs to the middle of the harvest and is carefully hand-picked when the cherries reach optimum ripeness. We produce various micro-batches such as Caturra, Geisha, Villasarchi, Sarchimor, Venezia, among others. These come in different process presentations like washed, honey or natural, thus adding to the complexity and richness of the blend and making for a wider selection of coffee types.



Score: 90 points
Origin: Costa Rica
Producer: Volcan Azul
Region: West Valley
Processing: Honey
Growing Altitude: 1500-1700 masl
Variety: Caturra

Best suits Espresso, Plunger & Filter