Brazil Fazenda California Obata Black Honey



The Black Honey process is a drying process where part of the cherry remains on the bean and is covered while drying. The Honey name is a bit misleading because people tend to associate honey with bees or a honey-like flavour profile. Instead, the term ‘honey’ relates to the ‘mucilage’ (sticky substance) left on the coffee bean.

Traditional fully-washed coffees have the skin and pulp removed by mechanical washing, but during the honey process the producer will use a hand-roller which gives them full control of the level of mucilage left on the beans. This process is the most complex, laborious and expensive way to produce green coffee, but it results in a rich-bodied, flavourful coffee unlike any other. Farmers start by picking only the ripest cherries from the trees, these cherries contain a high amount of sugar and acids which are important for fermenting the green beans.

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Brazil IN17-0417 Microlot Fazenda California Obata Black Honey

Aroma of rum and raisin with a clean taste of plum, crisp citric acids and a creamy almost white chocolate, buttery mouthfeel.  Clean and almondy on the finish.

Score: 84 points
Origin: Brazil
Region: Fazenda California, Capricornio Coffees
Processing: Black Honey

Best suits Espresso, Plunger and Filter