FILTER ROAST – Costa Rica Volcan Azul Honey Process – Special Edition




The Farm

Our long coffee tradition makes us strive for excellence in the entire process. It all begins with the selection of coffee varieties that can yield the quality we seek, followed by the utmost careful monitoring of our crops. Then, during the coffee harvest, we only select the coffee grains with the right level of ripeness to deliver the desired quality level to pass onto our micro-coffee mill where we carefully control every detail of the process. By handling small batches that come exclusively from our plantations we are able to achieve a high degree of traceability for each one of the micro-lots we process. There are particular micro-climates where our plantations are located, partly due to the large extensions of rainforest we preserve, which contribute to making our coffee grains unique.

The Farmer

Alejo Castro is a fifth generation farmer, CoE award winning producer with over 150 years of coffee producing and exporting experience behind him. His family have been committed to rainforest preservation since the ‘80s and now own 1,500 hectares of land dedicated to protecting the biodiversity. As it is becoming more typical in Costa Rica, the wet and dry mill are both on the fazenda, which allows Alejo to be personally involved at each level of production, from picking, processing, milling and drying. We feel his attention to detail and hard work are borne out in the cup.

The Coffee

A delicious cup of black berries, jam, wine gums, toffee, pineapple and milk chocolate.  The sweetness from the yellow honey process is brought forward through the roasting process and brings a lively yet balanced acidity.  As a filter the cup explodes with berries and sweetness.  One of our favourites.

Score – 86 points



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