Nicaragua La Laguna Natural Process – Special Edition



The Farm

A legacy farm high in the mountains of Nicaragua.  The Valladarez family planted coffee trees more than 50 years ago on land inherited from his grandmother.  Luis and his wife, Ilcia Anotnia grew the business, raised three children and gave them their own farm – La Laguna.

The Farmer

Now this younger generation is making its mark on the coffee world.  Managing everything from soil and shade to harvesting and processing.  They are committed to providing excellent conditions for workers and their loved ones.

The Coffee

A delicious cup of black berries, jam, wine gums, toffee, pineapple and milk chocolate.  The sweetness from the yellow honey process is brought forward through the roasting process and brings a lively yet balanced acidity.  As a filter the cup explodes with berries and sweetness.  One of our favourites.

Score – 87 points



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