Rwanda Karambi



This special lot was produced by the Koakaka Cooperative. The Koakaka Cooperative represents coffee farmers from three sectors (Kinyamakara, Karama, and Ruhondo) all of whom are located in Nyamagabe district in the Southern Province of Rwanda. The cooperative owns two washing stations, Karambi and Muganza.

This particular lot was processed at the Karambi washing station which was established in 2003. The members contributing to this washing station enjoy perfect conditions to grow exceptional coffee, with high altitudes (averaging 1,685–1,870 metres above sea level), good rainfall (1,100–1,300mm annually), and steady temperatures averaging around 17–18 °C.

Origin: Rwanda
Region: Karambi
Processing: Fully Washed
Growing Altitude: 1685 – 1870masl

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