Rwanda Matyazo Gr1



Clean cup with a sparkling orange acidity. Flavours of raisin, caramel, malt, almond and grapefruit. Creamy heavy body with a sweet toffee finish.

In Rwanda, most coffee is smallholder-grown at altitudes ranging from 1350 to 1850 meters on family farms averaging less than a
hectare in size, and typically possessing fewer than 200 trees.
Rwanda’s rich volcanic soils, rainfall distribution and clement yearlong temperatures favour the slow maturation of the coffee bean,
creating a distinctive taste in the cup.

The Matyazo Coffee Washing Station is located in the Muramba Catholic Parish, on the road between Ngororero and Kabaya, in the
mountainous region of the Western Province. It was built in 2009, and processes the cherries of approximately 370 farmers in the area.
The station is very small, with a total washing capacity of only 85 metric tons. On average, the farmers whom process their cherries
there only possess around 150 trees each.

In the past, a number of the station’s lots have won awards at the Cup of Excellence competitions held in Rwanda.

Score: 84.25 points
Origin: Rwanda
Region: Matyazo
Processing: Fully Washed
Growing Altitude: 1350 – 1850masl

Best suits Espresso