Candela Estate - PANAMA SHB (Filter Roast)

  • $55.00


Merchant Notes: Crisp bright lemon and lime acidity, with soft jasmine florals that linger in a sticky toffee finish.

Roast color: Light-Medium
Region/Area: Renacimiento
Process: Fully Washed

About: Coffee first came to Panama with the European settlers in the early 20th century. Several microclimates exist throughout the country, creating excellent conditions for growing coffee. Then as now, Panamanians mainly grow Arabica coffee. In the Candela region, close to the Baru volcano, this coffee is produced by several farms belonging to the Gallardo family: Finca La Santa, Finca Zambrano, Finca Santa Clara, and Jurutungo. The Gallardo family farms are well known for their high-quality coffee since 1960.