Costa Rica - Bourbon Black Honey 250g

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Merchant Notes: Apricot, Marmalade, Black Tea, Dark Chocolate, Jammy, Vanilla.

Roast Color: Light-Medium
Region / Area: Santuario Fatima
Process: Black Honey

About: The Tres Milagros farm is a 105-hectare estate built from two plots; Tobosí and Higuito, which are 43 and 62 hectares respectively. The Tobosí lot is almost completely flat and enjoys much shade from Poro trees which introduce nitrogen back into the soil. Australian pines provide further shade protection and serve as windbreakers. In contrast, the Higuito has many more hills and a greater exposure to the sun.

What is the process for Black Honey? More than 75% of the mucilage is left on the seed after pulping. A number of measures are undertaken to ensure that the seed develops a dark colour, giving a distinct dark sugar and maple honey profile in the final cup. The coffee is sun dried for 18 days on African beds that are placed in a climate controlled greenhouse, where temperature and relative humidity are constantly monitored and managed.