India Kelagur Heights Pulped Sundried

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Merchant Notes: Delicate winey stone fruit notes in the front palate, with a smooth silky body. Honey and malt notes linger in the finish.

Roast color: Light
Region/Area: Manjarabad, Western Ghats, Chikmagular District.
Altitude: 915 - 1220
Varietal: SLN6, SLN9, S-795

Process: Natural

About: Kelgur Heights Coffee and Tea Estates is owned by the Mathias Family for the past four generations. Spread over 120 hectares, Kelagur Heights Estate harvest up to 150 tonnes annually of some of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans each season. The Estate has fully integrated facilities for coffee processing, with on site pulp houses and curing works. Fourteen perennial springs on the Estate ensure that the washed Arabica and Robusta grades are both of the highest standard.